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Inside Out by CaelansFolly1992 Inside Out :iconcaelansfolly1992:CaelansFolly1992 0 0 Mania and Depression by CaelansFolly1992 Mania and Depression :iconcaelansfolly1992:CaelansFolly1992 0 0 Winter and Summer by CaelansFolly1992 Winter and Summer :iconcaelansfolly1992:CaelansFolly1992 0 0 Imagination by CaelansFolly1992 Imagination :iconcaelansfolly1992:CaelansFolly1992 0 0 Frank Lloyd Wright Shoes  by CaelansFolly1992 Frank Lloyd Wright Shoes :iconcaelansfolly1992:CaelansFolly1992 0 0
War Hero
I am not a soldier.
At least, not in the traditional sense.
I will never fight for my country
or for the soldier next to me,
but I am fighting a war with myself
a war of survival
for my own sake
and for the sakes of everyone I love.
My weapons are not guns
or rocket launchers
or hand grenades,
but anti-depressants
a pen
and a paintbrush.
I will never know the terror
of being shelled
or shot at,
but I know the terror of wondering
whether this depressive episode
this panic attack
this flashback
will be the last,
of wondering whether I can hold on
for just one more day
one more hour
one more minute
one more second.
I am not physically fit
from daily runs and callisthenics,
nor can I break your neck
with a twist of my hand,
but years of daily battles
to shower
to eat
to get out of bed in the morning
to breathe
have taught me that if I can survive my own mind
I can survive anything,
and there is nothing stronger
or more dangerous
than a survivor.
I will never receive a medal for my valour
:iconcaelansfolly1992:CaelansFolly1992 5 1
Bending Together
The world is a dark and disturbing place
If you want to protect yourself
you have to put on a mask and don a shield
My mask and shield is my skin
If I pretend that I am what I seem
the outsiders will leave me alone
Put on some make-up and I can pretend
for a few hours
that I'm the girl everyone thinks I am
that I don't feel like a stranger inside
this misshapen prison of flesh and bone
that I don't want to rip myself apart
in the hopes that I'll be reincarnated as
the boy that I was always meant to be
But when I'm with you
I don't have to pretend
When I'm with you it's just me
No walls
No barbed wire
No padlocks
No signs screaming "KEEP OUT"
When I'm with you I'm just a nerdy kid
the asshole with a heart of gold
slightly full of myself but well-meaning
your loving boyfriend
willing to open myself to you
because you bravely opened yourself to me
Two complex people
Two weird souls
bowed and bent but unbroken
and all the stronger because the love we share
has weathered hurricanes and hail
:iconcaelansfolly1992:CaelansFolly1992 4 1
I am a universe unto myself
my nails shimmering
like so many twinkling stars
running through the silky sky
of my coloured hair
and over the twin cold stars
as I attempt to rein myself in
for the multitudes think
that nebulous is strange
and would attempt to quench
my unceasing fire
if they ever found out
that inside me are contained
whole galaxies
that have never been explored
and might never be
for the exploration of one
leads to the discovery of another
onward and outward into infinity
each full of explosions of every hue
known and unknown to man
for I am a universe unto myself
:iconcaelansfolly1992:CaelansFolly1992 5 2
Customised Shoes, Blue Left Side View by CaelansFolly1992 Customised Shoes, Blue Left Side View :iconcaelansfolly1992:CaelansFolly1992 0 0 Customised Shoes, Blue Right Side View by CaelansFolly1992 Customised Shoes, Blue Right Side View :iconcaelansfolly1992:CaelansFolly1992 0 0 Customised Shoes, Green Left Side View by CaelansFolly1992 Customised Shoes, Green Left Side View :iconcaelansfolly1992:CaelansFolly1992 1 0 Customised Shoes, Green Right Side View by CaelansFolly1992 Customised Shoes, Green Right Side View :iconcaelansfolly1992:CaelansFolly1992 0 0 Nature Shoes, Top View by CaelansFolly1992 Nature Shoes, Top View :iconcaelansfolly1992:CaelansFolly1992 0 0
A Calming Image
A clear autumn day
underneath a Japanese maple
its leaves a fiery red
and just beginning to fall
I lie on a checkered blanket
with you by my side
our hands entwined
talking and laughing about everything
(Laughter from you is like
having the sun shine on my face
in the eye of the storm)
Or maybe we're not talking
but instead just lying there
curled together
Your body and mine fit perfectly
and our hearts beat calmly
Nothing is wrong
It's just us
and we are safe
:iconcaelansfolly1992:CaelansFolly1992 6 0
Your eyes are blue
like the promise of rain
on a warm spring day
shimmering like a bottomless pool
sparkling and playful and full of life
If I could I would dive in
and swim down
down into the clear depths
I'd never reach the bottom
but that's okay
because all I want is
to be enveloped in the warmth
shining through those crystalline eyes
whenever you look at me
:iconcaelansfolly1992:CaelansFolly1992 3 0
Love Trumps Hate
No tolerance for
will be accepted
for we are beings
made wholly of love
and love will always trump hate
:iconcaelansfolly1992:CaelansFolly1992 2 6



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Inside Out
Some make-up that I did for an Instagram make-up challenge. The mental mental illnesses pictured are gender dysphoria and depression.
Mania and Depression
A friend of mine asked me to help him with his make-up for an Instagram make-up challenge so here it is. My obvious inspiration here is clown make-up.


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